my chosen career path revolves entirely around talking about other people, places, and things — ergo, talking about myself dives into pretty weird and unfamiliar territory. Here, find songs that speak for themselves (and me) — summer edition. a playlist for those slow-burning sultry texas nights, rambling, sun-soaked day trips, dancing in the hot and heady moonlight and everything in between.



Estephanie is a writer from Dallas, Texas. an alumna of the University of Texas in Austin, she HAS a bachelor's in journalism and a minor in English. 

She grew up pouring over (and hoarding) issues of NYLON and Rolling Stone, quickly falling in love with storytelling as an art. She is passionate about good writing, typography, and the perfect BBQ-sauce-to-McNugget ratio. 

you can typically find her in the mountains, learning new skills (currently: Illustrator), giving her unsolicited two cents about pop culture, or drinking Dr. Pepper. Oh, and you can also find her most recent writing here.