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7 Packing List Items to Maintain Your Well-Being in the Air and On the Road

Last month, we provided a list of apps to help you navigate holiday travels - the apps were of both the physical and the spiritual variety. We’re big-time believers in finding what works best for you, and that may not always be an app. So here we’ve created a list of less techy resources to get you to your happy place and to your home.

7 Apps To Keep You Sane and Centered During Holiday Travels

Our love for the holidays at this point is very real. Also real? The holiday scaries. You know these - the pre-travel preparations, the impending traffic dread, the last-minute shopping trips - our list goes on. But over the years and through many a trial and error, we’ve found a number of resources to help us stay sane through the process - and they all fit in your back pocket. We’re excited to share seven apps guaranteed to keep your spirits merry and bright this holiday travel season.



9 Tips and Resources to Travel Ethically

We’re constantly reflecting on ways we can improve, always striving to better ourselves and the communities around us - a feeling that just seems to amplify around this time of year. At the top of our list? Exploring all the ways and resources we can to travel more responsibly.